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"Ferrum Capital" offers solutions specially mad for you along with a factoring service. Take advantage of innovative solutions while providing your business with risk-free cash flow. With creative solutions and stable financial flow, the advantage is always yours!

No risk!

Cash out your loan payments early and reduce your financial risk to 0%

Sales and marketing support

Attract customers with marketing services and convert potential buyers into real deals with our sales support

Happy customer, happy seller!

Offer the advantage of installment payments to your customers who cannot purchase products in cash and maintain customer satisfaction

FinTech solutions

Track day-to-day development of your business with real numbers and receive support for other financial operations

What is factoring?

Factoring is a method of financing that takes place in exchange for a concession of the right of demand arising from the sale of all kinds of products and services to the factor.


All solutions in one window!

Thanks to the digital accounts, our partners can manage all transactions from one window 24/7 and have complete and online control of factoring applications, payments, and sales. Nevertheless, our customer service is available to answer your call when further assistance is needed.

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Keep track of your balance, and view payment balances whenever and wherever you want. Send us new requests with one click, and our customer service team will call you back.

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